Wednesday, July 13, 2016

London 2016 Day 5 – LCM Summer School including Brixton

The last day of summer school started with Efrem Buckle of the LCM Training Team talk to us about 1 Corinthians 12.

After the first break we learned about victim mentality from Duncan Forbes (via video) and Robert Prendergast. People with such a mentality blame others for all the negative things in their lives, whether this is true or not, and it is an excuse for them not to try to improve their lives.

During lunch break we enjoyed a spontaneous rap performance by Efrem and Robert :)

Afterwards we travelled to Brixton by tube to take a tour in the area with Efrem and Jason Marriner, pastor at Brixton Local Church. Our first stop was a market with many intensive smells, not all of them pleasant (fish!!!).

We stopped at a fence where people had put up ribbons and flowers to commemorate a young man who got killed trying to help someone else.

Some of the articles in the Emmaus shop we visited were very tempting and I’m sure if we hadn’t been limited to one piece of luggage on the plane back to Germany I would have bought this pair of blue armchairs with pink and green flower print on them for just 35 GBP each they had on offer there :)

Next we talked to one of the local Lambeth Street Pastors in front of his office.

Our last destination was Brixton’s Street Gym, a youth project.

So this was the end of summer school – for this year at least…

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