Sunday, July 3, 2016

London 2016 Day 1 – Paddington, Tower Hill and LCM Summer School

For the Muslims it was the first day of Ramadan – as this bus in Walthamstow reminded us – and for us it was the first day in our beloved London.


At first we went to Paddington Station to pick up our rented wifi device.


Our second destination was Tower Hill where we wanted to spend some leisure time before walking to the London City Mission HQ where the summer school would start on that day. Unfortunately the wifi device didn’t work, so while Hermann took photos I sat on a bench in Trinity Square Gardens with my BlackBerry trying to sort things out (in vain for the time being). 

Summer school started with lunch. Afterwards we had an introduction on 1 Corinthians by Alan Black, LCM’s Director of Training and Mentoring. He compared the city of Corinth to London. Although a considerable difference in size, Corinth also was a multi-cultural city where all kinds of people from different parts of the Roman Empire and from outside settled or visited. In this city was the church to which the Apostle Paul addressed his two letters to the Corinthians.


Later in the afternoon Graham Miller, CEO of LCM, introduced us to the history of the organisation and to London as a hyper-diverse city. All participants had been provided with a bag which among other items contained “Streets paved with Gold”, a very interesting book about the LCM history. 

Photo: @Windy_London

You can read more on this first day on the LCM blog (mentioning me *blush*;) ). Btw, at LCM they had free wifi for guests, so I didn’t miss the faulty device :)


Afterwards Hermann and I took our time returning to Tower Hill Station. We stopped in one of the souvenir shops, as I desperately needed another London mug ;)

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