Sunday, July 17, 2016

London 2016 Day 6 – Walthamstow Village and Hillman’s Tearoom

As LCM Summer School was over, on this day we didn't have to leave our flat at 8 a.m. So we took some time relaxing before setting off to our next appointment. We were able to walk there as it was also in Walthamstow where we stayed. On our way we walked through the beautiful Walthamstow Village which had been the centre of Walthamstow before the place became part of the ever growing Greater London. Hermann and I agreed that it would be an ideal place to live for both of us - he would have his village atmosphere and I would have my London including a tube station not far away ;)

That was before "it" happened...:

We had a little chat with this lady in her beautiful garden. She told us she had been living there for 50 years. That's what you expect in a village - unlike in London where moving house seems to be one of people's hobbies.

Our destination was Hillman's Tearoom where we met with our friend Laura Porter who had suggested it (she knows the best secret places in London!). She had looked out for us before we got there which was good, because without her we would hardly have found the place, as it was well-hidden in a kind of very narrow street with some small shops - literally a hidden gem! Inside it was also very small, the room where we sat was more the size of a small living-room with just a few tables close together. It was all in the style of the 1930s/40s, including an old tv set showing parts of films and news of that era. It is also one of just a few places in London where you can only pay cash (no plastic cards - very un-Londonlike!).The tea was excellent and so was the scone I had. We spent about three hours there without even realising where time went. It was very cosy and we enjoyed it so much :)

Afterwards the three of us returned via Walthamstow Village and passed St. Mary's Church and the old cemetery.

We had almost reached Walthamstow Central Station where we had to say good-bye to Laura when a heavy rain started and within minutes we got soaked. So our good-bye was quicker than we had expected and Hermann and I rushed back to the flat. We were wet through and for our shoes it took two days to get dry. Of course as you never know what the weather will be like in London we both had a spare pair of shoes. That is, I had two spare pairs, because I'm a woman ;) In the afternoon we took a little tour near Oxford Street.

Also thanks to Laura I was able to surprise Hermann by showing him his own statue at Bourdon Place :)

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Laura said...

It was wonderful to see you both and I'm thrilled you able to see the Bourdon Place statues too. I'll come up with more ideas for our next get together. x