Thursday, July 7, 2016

London Day 3 - LCM Summer School including Webber Street

This day was one of those which I call my 2 Corinthians 12:9 days – days I’m feeling very unwell, but unable to give in to it, because I have got something important to do and hoping that God gives me enough strength to cope. And this was going to be a particularly long day…

Of course it started with summer school again. Robert Prendergast of the LCM training team managed to lead us through 1 Corinthians 5-7 in one hour. He put it all under the title “Sex & The City”, but his sermon was much more interesting than the first episode of the series of the same title (the only episode of it I ever watched) ;)

After the break we split up and while Helen Thorne (also of the training team) talked to the other group about sexual abuse, our group learned about mental illness from missionary Martin Street. Hermann and I chose this topic, because we were able to relate to it much more. It was not just a lecture, but the participants were asked to contribute to it. Of course mental illness is a broad topic, but we still learned how to reach out to people with any kind of mental health issue.

In the afternoon we visited Webber Street, LCM’s day centre for homeless people. We heard about what they were offering to the homeless people, like breakfast, showers, clean clothes and someone to talk to. We also heard about the kinds of people coming to the centre. What I found most interesting was that there are people from Eastern Europe who are working in London, but deliberately living on the streets to save more money which they can send or take home. Later we took a tour in the house and were shown the different facilities.

After the official part was over, we met with Petra Zimmermann who works for LCM at Webber Street and in the Covent Garden area. She showed us into the staff rooms where we sat for hours drinking tea and talking about all kinds of topics. Two years ago we had briefly met her in the (now closed) Café Eterno at Covent Garden and she and I were in contact via Facebook. It was great to finally “really” meet her :)

In the evening Hermann and I had to go to Paddington Station again where we finally got a replacement for the defective mobile wifi device. We were back in our Walthamstow flat about 9:30 p.m. and I was grateful that God had helped me “survive” and I had even been able to enjoy most of it, despite my body acting up in different kinds of ways during the day.

More on this third day of summer school can be found on the LCM blog.

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