Monday, July 11, 2016

London 2016 Day 4 – LCM Summer School including Mile End

On this morning I felt well again, so I was looking forward to another day of summer school :)

On our way from the flat to Walthamstow Central station we saw this funeral carriage at the corner of Hoe Street and Albert Road.

The summer school morning started with David Ng teaching us about 1 Corinthians 9 which includes the famous passage on cross-cultural mission.

Later we learned from Imtiaz Khan and Tim Spring about the many aspects of cultural diversity and what impact it can have in a multi-cultural society.

Afterwards we had lunch which was as excellent as on the days before. It’s also time to mention Laura Bol (photo above on the left) who had organised all of the summer school. She was very helpful and caring when it came to individual issues. I had been in contact with her in advance about my body’s whims regarding food and she sent me links of all the food she had ordered, so I could check the ingredients. For Hermann who needed his lunchtime nap because of fatigue she arranged that he could use the library where he slept on the carpet floor after lunch. Big thanks to you, Laura!

In the afternoon we travelled to Limehouse station with DLR. Close to it was Husk Coffee, one of LCM’s projects, in front of which we met with our guide for this afternoon Henk van der Meer. We didn’t enter, but started out tour instead. The sun was shining and it was quite warm, so whenever we stopped and Henk explained something I tried to find some shade which wasn’t always easy.

Of course this wasn’t a tour to see the beautiful parts of the area, but to get an idea about the kinds of people living there – many of them immigrants, but we also walked along a road where many British flags were to be seen on the balconies to celebrate the Queen’s (official) 90th birthday. On one fence we saw this:

After a short coffee / tea break at ELT Baptist Church we set off by bus for a visit to the East London Mosque. I had been to Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and to a mosque in Eastern Turkey, but this building was much bigger than both (at least I think so). They kept expanding and had also bought a neighbouring synagogue – once a large Jewish community had lived in the area.

The summer school day ended with this visit and Hermann and I went down the road to Aldgate station to take the tube back to Walthamstow.

You can read more on this day on the LCM Blog!

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