Tuesday, July 8, 2014

London 2014 Day 4 Part 2 – Going Underground with London Transport Museum

In the late afternoon of this day we visited Aldwych Underground Station. We had booked the tour beforehand on the website of the London Transport Museum. I started the booking process as soon as the online shop was open and when I looked again not much later all was sold out.

The station had been closed in 1994 and is now being used for example by film companies (who put most of the posters up which you can see on the pictures) and for music videos.

The toilet is still in operation ;)

We had to walk downstairs – 160 stairs. However, this number seemed to have increased when we walked upstairs again ;)

A German (or Austrian or Swiss) construction worker immortalized himself in one of the tunnels:

This hilarious music video was made down there:  

The tickets for the visit of app. one hour cost 25 GBP per person, but it was definitely worth it. We got lots of information on the tube and the station itself - a special treat for tube fans like me :)

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