Friday, July 4, 2014

London 2014 Day 3 – John Lewis Roof Garden and Black Cab Protest

In the morning we went to the weekly Wednesday coffee morning at Belmont Hall for tea, home-made scones and good conversation with lovely people.

Afterwards we visited the roof garden of John Lewis at Oxford Street. As you can see on the photos it is a relaxing place to be and you can have an interesting view over London.

 Hermann relaxing ;) 

In the afternoon we went to Strand from Temple station via Surrey Street to check where we had to go the next day for our visit to Aldwych station. There we saw that the entire street was blocked by black cabs (though some were not black, but I think these are called black as well). We had heard about this demonstration before – it was about a smartphone app for mini cabs – but we had thought it would be just around Trafalgar Square. However, it included all the streets around the square as well. Hermann changed into professional journalist mode immediately and took lots of photos :)

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