Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 1 Euro per Day Experiment

It is always impressive to see how much money is being given for charity when famous people appear in telethons and ask for donations. Suddenly people open their wallets which are closed most of the year – except when spending money for one’s own luxury.

In particular, many people seem to be unwilling to give on a regular basis, for example sponsoring a child in need – in spite of the fact that the monthly contributions for a sponsorship are ridiculously low compared to what the children are getting. For app. 25 to 35 Euros (33 to 47 USD / 21 to 29 GBP) the sponsorship organisations care for the basic needs of a child – food, clothing, medical care and school supplies.

If you are not sure whether you could afford a child sponsorship I invite you to take part in a little experiment. On each day for one or two (or more) months put the amount of one Euro ( the approximate equivalent in your currency) in a savings box and see whether by doing this you have to do without something which you are REALLY and URGENTLY in need of. If this is not the case, take the money and decide what to do with it. It’s entirely up to you!


Darylynn said...

Hi Barbara! Thanks for visiting! Wanted to come by to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Dru said...

Hi Barbara,
Merry Christmas! I am a big contibutor to animal organzations and I contribute to feed people at put local missions and shelters. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Dru

Lori said...

Wonderful post Barbara!! We donate to St. Jude's which is children with cancer needing help. It helps the family get the care they need for the child and not have to worry about the expenses. We also donate to the homeless here where we live so they can have meals. I love your post about awareness. There is so much need out there. Happy New Year!! ((BIG HUGS))!!