Sunday, January 15, 2012

My 1 Euro per Day Experiment

Even though we are sponsoring eight children in Armenia already and pay the therapy costs for one of them, I decided to do the 1 Euro per day experiment nevertheless, on which I wrote in the previous blog post. Simply to see what is possible (with GOD's help always more than one thinks). Each day I put one Euro in an old savings box which had belonged to either me or one of my brothers and of which I didn’t even know it still existed – until I noticed it standing on a sideboard in my middle brother’s living-room. When I exclaimed “Oh, you still have it???” he gave it to me, and after I had put it on my own desk I soon realized what it was good for.

However, the money which I’m saving in there is not meant to sponsor another child, but to support projects which are important to me. No, sorry, I will not take any suggestions, as there are already more projects on my (invisible) list than I will ever be able to support! The money for January will be donated to support the Arise Conference.

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