Monday, April 21, 2014

Bags For Freedom

“For Freedom” is printed on my new bag. One might think that this is just an ornament like the buttons, but this is not the case. “For Freedom” bags and accessories are created by people (mostly women) at Sak Saum in Cambodia who have escaped human trafficking or other abuse and poverty.

I had read about Sak Saum in the German Christian woman’s magazine Lydia and immediately thought that it was a wonderful cause to support. I browsed their website and fell in love with a bag which wasn’t offered in the German online shop where a smaller range of their items is being sold. So I started the order procedure directly on the Sak Saum website, but got stuck when it came to entering my home address – it didn’t accept any addresses outside the USA. However, with a bit of patience (from my first e-mail until I got the bag it took 27 days), a PayPal account and the kind help of Sak Saum staff mainly in the USA the beautiful bag is now mine :)

Shortly after this first order I bought a messenger bag for Hermann at the German online shop. Both bags are of excellent quality and certainly worth their price! If you would like to buy bags or accessories from them you find the list of (online) shops on the “Where to buy” page on their website. Unfortunately there are not many shops outside the USA yet, but I hope for all bag lovers around the world that this will change by and by!

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