Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's getting cold

This is the time of year to switch on the heaters. However, we are still refusing to do so and only using the wood stove for as long as possible. This means that most of our current life at home takes place in the sitting room, as it is too cold in the other rooms to stay there for long. We also keep warm with warmer clothes and, if necessary, blankets. The reason why we are doing this is to save money.

A good side effect of it is that we get a little (though just a very little) impression of how it feels to have to live in a place without proper heating. Of course, we are still spoiled. Our home is well insulated, there is no draught, we have got windows instead of just plastic foil and it is not dripping through our roof when it rains. So despite our little retrenchment we are not nearly as bad off as for example the people who have to live in these huts in Gyumri in the north of Armenia:

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Julie said...

We have our heater on, but it doesn't click on that often. Just here and there, as it hasn't gotten too cold yet... Wish we had a wood stove, because I'm sure we would use it in the winter!

That shack is so sad. I wouldn't want to live in that! *sigh*