Sunday, August 14, 2011

End of Summer Break

This song goes well with the topic, I think… ;)

I can hardly believe I haven’t posted anything here for so long. However, taking a break from my blogs did not mean taking a break from life, of course. I have been busy with two novels – published one meanwhile, still busy with the second. This was okay, as we didn’t have much of a summer this year – or rather, we had the summer in spring, with a lot of sun and warm weather, but since June it has been more or less a mixture between autumn and spring. Sometimes cold humid weather, sometimes warm humid weather. I wouldn’t have cared so much, if this humid weather had not caused me pain. My head was aching often and so were the scars and adhesions inside my body. My body needs dry weather to function reasonably well, so this summer was not for me :(


Mila said...

Hi Barbara,
I'm happy to read you as well to read about novel published!Congrats!
It's so hot, umid & sticky it's hard to breathe in Italy...I agreed with you...this summer was not for me too...
Mila :)

Julie said...

We haven't had much of a summer. *sigh* Have had more rain than anything. We are having some warm weather, but not as much as I would have liked.

Lori said...

Barbara, that is so exciting about your novels!!
I am so sorry about your pain with the humidity. It is always humid where I live. I hope you get some dry weather and feel better. ((BIG HUGS))!!