Tuesday, June 12, 2018

London June 2017 Day 8 – First day of LCM Summer School

In the morning we went to Villiers Street, because the day before someone at Belmont Hall told us there was a Herman ze German shop, so I wanted to take a photo of Hermann in front of it ;)

It was too early for lunch as we had just had breakfast, so we didn’t go in. It’s on our list for next time we will be in London.

By lunch time we took the tube to London Bridge Station.

From there we walked to the London City Mission HQ on Tower Bridge Road where we attended the first day of summer school. We had decided not to take part in all the lessons and excursions, as some of it was the same as the year before. However, it was lovely to meet some of the LCM staff again. Please visit the LCM blog to read more about this day!

Afterwards we walked to Tower Hill Station to return to Walthamstow.

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