Monday, August 8, 2016

London 2016 Day 10 – Belmont Hall Harrow and Walking London – Longer Than We Had Intended

Our first destination on this day was Belmont Hall in Harrow where they have an open door coffee morning every Wednesday. As always we had a very good time there :)

At Harrow-on-the-Hill Station we saw this scene. Didn't seem easy to get the bus round the corner.

We took a tube train and got off at Baker Street Station. Then we walked from Marylebone Road to Oxford Street via Baker Street, Chiltern Street, Blandford Street, Manchester Street, Manchester Square and Duke Street.

We found this crocodile outside a building on Duke Street just off Manchester Square.

On Oxford Street we went into Debenhams, to buy new polo shirts for Hermann.

Afterwards we went to Hyde Park to rest a little. Then we took a tube train from Marble Arch, but had to get off earlier than we had intended, as there was a disruption. So we had to walk longer than we had thought to the Salvation Army HQ to have our afternoon tea in their café.

Afterwards we walked to Waterloo Station to take a tube train to Paddington Station where we had to return our mobile wifi device.

We thought it would be as easy as usual - take a Jubilee Line train to Baker Street, then go to Paddington by Bakerloo or Central Line. As we found the Bakerloo trains didn't stop at Paddington we chose the Central Line, only to find that there were lots of people waiting on the platforms for trains not running. On the opposite platform an overcrowded train was standing and not moving forward. So in the end we chose to take a Bakerloo train to Edgware Road and walk from there - and walk back afterwards, because there were still no tube trains to and from Paddington Station.

On the next day we had to say good-bye to our beloved London :(

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