Sunday, March 22, 2015

Minimalist in Training – Mental Obstacles

In the last post I mentioned the mental obstacles which make it so difficult for me to become a minimalist. Here I would like to show you some examples.

1 Keepsakes 

One of those (and I have got many, actually) is my first teddy bear which I had as a baby. It used to have ears once, but I gnawed them off. Therefore and because it looks so worn I cannot possibly give it away. Throw it away? Impossible! I could just as well tear my heart out!

2 Items too worn to sell / give away, but too “good” or precious to throw away 

This category applies to my old doll’s pram. It’s just as worn as the teddy bear and almost as old, therefore I don’t know who I could give it to. I would gladly give it to someone who is able to restore it, so it can be used again. However, I couldn’t throw it away, because it is too precious to me.

3 Items unused for years, but which may be needed in the future 

The wine glasses fall into that category. We "inherited" them from my late mother-in-law and we took them with us when we moved, but have never used them. I don’t drink wine, Hermann does occasionally, but doesn’t take these glasses, and we hardly ever have guests to whom we offer wine. Therefore we don’t really need them. However, we may one day, you never know…

As you can see, there is till a long way to go!

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