Monday, July 15, 2013

Our London Trip 2013 Day 10 – Queens Road in Walthamstow and Leaving London

On this day we had to leave our beloved London, but before we took a little stroll down Queens Road in Walthamstow. We also visited the cemetery with its many old graves. Unfortunately, many of the graves had partly sunken into the ground.

We arrived at Heathrow Airport several hours before our flight, so I had time to take this little video ;)

After the security check we also had time for a very good lunch at Huxleys Restaurant. We had ordered steak and chicken breast, but we had difficulty cutting the meat – as this restaurant is within the security area they are not allowed to give out “real” knives, so the knives we got were very small and not very sharp. We didn’t remain hungry, though, it just took a little longer ;)

Afterwards we had to wait for a rather long time, before they announced the gate for our plane, so we were stuck among the shops ;)

The last thing we did in London was standing (or rather sitting) in a queue – very British ;)

Goodbye, London – see you again next year, God willing! 

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