Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our London Trip 2013 Day 5 – Belmont Hall and Bath

On this day, the weather was a little better again and I was fully recovered from the migraine. At first we attended the Open Door Coffee Morning at Belmont Hall in Harrow. We really like the people there and had some good conversation.

Afterwards we went to Paddington Station to catch a train to Bath where we arrived in the early afternoon.

Hermann is ready to act in a Hitchcock film: 

The Jane Austen Centre was our first destination. 

As we had not been able to visit last year (we had just been inside for a short time and took a photo in front), because of my ill health, now we wanted to take our time. At first we went upstairs to the tea room and were lucky to get a table right underneath the famous portrait of Mr. Darcy :D

After tea and buns - sweet buns served with salty butter – very interesting taste, but not at all bad – we visited the beautiful exhibition.

Here the visitors also have the opportunity to try on some regency dresses and accessories.

When we left the centre it was raining, but that didn’t keep us from taking a little tour.

We arrived at the Royal Crescent which I wanted to see, as it is shown in some scenes of Jane Austen films, like in this one from “Persuasion”:

In the early evening we returned to the train station to go back to London.

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