Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our London Trip 2013 Day 4 – the Jewish Museum, Stitch London and the Thames again

On that day my migraine was gone except for the usual “hangover” which I often have afterwards, so I felt a little wobbly in my legs but otherwise okay.

As it was raining the choice for the morning was a museum. I had read about the Jewish Museum on the About London website and thought that it would be interesting for us. I was right :) The museum shows many aspects of Jewish life mainly in Britain, but also in Europe. Only a small part is dedicated to the Holocaust which was quite an unusual “feeling” for us as Germans. In our country “Jewishness” is so closely connected with the Holocaust that it is hard to think of one without thinking of the other – which is not always good, of course. Therefore this almost “Holocaust-free” Jewish Museum was an entirely new experience for us – and not a bad one!

One big “plus” of the museum is its friendly and helpful staff. These are two of the volunteers who we had the pleasure to meet:

In the late afternoon we went to the Royal Festival Hall and while I took part in the Stitch London meeting …

… Hermann took photos of the area.

To this polite sign there is just one reply … 

“You’re welcome!” ;)

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