Friday, June 7, 2013

Our London Trip 2013 Day 1 – Battersea and German Football Fans

We started our first complete day in London – the day after our arrival – with a visit at Paddington Station to fetch our tep wifi device which we had ordered in advance, so we would have wifi wherever we went – except for the tube, of course. In the flat we were staying in we had wifi anyway.

On this day the town was full of football fans of Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and Bayern München for the Champions League final which was to take place later that day at Wembley Stadium. One could meet them almost everywhere in the centre.

Our second destination was the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to where I took the seven blankets which I had knitted for the dog blanket appeal. As the weather was nice we took our time walking along the Thames.

In the afternoon we went to Trafalgar Square where the BVB fans had their main gathering. Lots of fans were there, chanting and waving flags and scarves. The atmosphere was positive and friendly, there was no trouble or aggression, although even some Bayern fans had found their way to the place. The German fans were on their best behaviour and later we heard in the news that apart from two minor incidents near the stadium nothing negative had happened. That was a victory for both sides, even though in the match one of them had to lose, of course.


Hermann and I are not interested in football normally, but this time we watched the match from beginning to end ;)

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