Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I use the word “Londonitis” to describe an urgent longing to travel to London and stay there for the rest of my earthly life – and thus a reluctance to leave again, once I'm there. Of course, others can swap the “London” part by any favourite place in the world. I’m sure there are many people suffering from Parisitis (nothing to do with parasites *g*), Romitis, Tokyoitis, Newyorkitis, etc.

Londonitis means that I’m following London blogs, tweeters, facebookers, etc., listen to London radio stations, and of course that I’m constantly planning our next visit to the town. I have been there in April of this year, but our next flight (in May of next year) is already booked. On the one hand I enjoy reading and hearing about London, but on the other hand I always get melancholy when I read or hear of events I cannot attend or places I cannot visit because I’m not there at the particular time.

This does also mean that anything which might threaten our next visit to London causes panic. One of us might be affected by an illness, an accident or some other calamity – which could be bad enough, but it would be a disaster if it prevented us from travelling to London. As long as we can still travel, anything will be bearable!

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