Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our London Visit Day 6 Part 2 – A Knitting Steampunk Event

In the evening we attended this special event at the Foyles bookshop in Charing Cross Road. Lauren O’Farrell a.k.a. Deadly Knitshade, the author of “Knit the City” and “Stitch London”, had invited me via Twitter. At first I was reluctant to go, because in the online information Lauren was not even mentioned, even though she was part of the event, and I really didn’t know what to make of something like Steampunk. In the end the wish to meet Lauren in person plus curiosity plus the fact that it was about BOOKS won over my scepticsm ;) But before we went Wikipedia had to do its job again.

The event was a book presentation mainly of books by Gail Carriger. First it was Lauren’s turn, though. She read a part from “Stitch London” before Ms. Carriger read from her book “Soulless”.

In the room hey had set up a table where the visitors got tea and the typical English colourful and extremely sweet cupcakes. Lauren had brought much of her work including Cooey the Pigeon and Plarchie the Giant Knitted Squid. The visitors sat around small tables sipping tea and eating cup cakes.

Talking about the visitors: most of them had dressed in full Steampunk attire. Not all of them, luckily, otherwise we would have felt terribly out of place ;)

After the book presentation there was a long queue in front of the table where Gail Carriger was signing books. I bought a copy of “Soulless” and when the queue was almost finished I had it signed, too. Currently I’m reading it. Even though vampires and werewolves are not actually my cup of tea it is very entertaining :)

Here is a video someone took of the event and uploaded on YouTube:

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