Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our London Visit Day 6 Part 1 – Almost No Credit Cards Accepted!

Monday was the day with the worst weather of our trip, so we had to choose some indoor destinations – which is not really difficult in London ;) First we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, but mainly to take some photos from the outside (from under arcades and roofed entrances) and visit the shop inside where we saw this very clerical chess board:

Afterwards we went to Paddington Station to have a look at the souvenirs in the Olympic Shop. To our big surprise we experienced something which we never had before or afterwards during all our shopping in London: this shop for the Olympics accepted only one kind of credit card – which unfortunately was not the one we used. We could hardly believe it! So it was one of the very rare occasions where we actually needed to pay cash. In every little shop we visited our card was accepted – not in this one. It really made us laugh!

So we decided to do some shopping in Oxford Street again where we never had such problems!

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