Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our London Visit Day 5 Part 2 – Walking the Lines

In the afternoon we took part in a walk guided by Mark Mason, author of “Walk The Lines”. Of course, this walk did not include all the lines, not even one entirely ;) We just walked from Bank via St. Paul’s to Chancery Lane. However, this was quite enough considering all the interesting information we had to take in, even though the distance between the stations is not long.

I highly recommend those walks if you want to learn things about London and its buildings which the “normal” tourists (and even many Londoners) won’t ever get to know ;) For more information just go to Mark Mason’s website. You don’t have to book in advance (which I found very convenient considering my rollercoasting health condition) – just show up at the time and place mentioned :)

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Laura @AboutLondon said...

As ever, I love the photos as it gives a real insight into the places you saw along the way. And I agree, it's a great walk. I'm only sorry we didn't get to do it together.