Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our London Visit Day 5 Part 1 – Another Bus Tour

The following day was even darker weatherwise, so we decided to make another bus tour. We took a Victoria Line train to the final station in the north east, Walthamstow Central. There we decided to take a bus to London Bridge Station. Again we went upstairs and managed to get seats directly behind the front screen. The other two seats were taken by an Italian couple who obviously had the same idea of making a sightseeing tour with an ordinary bus ;)

During the first part of the journey we were “entertained” by a German woman in her fifties. She was travelling together with a boy in his early teens who seemed to be her nephew or grandson. From what we overheard during the conversation – or rather the woman’s monologue, as the boy didn’t talk very much – she was living in London and the boy was visiting her over the holidays. Besides boasting to him that she was a “real Londoner”, during the entire time she was nagging the poor chap – and this in a rather loud voice, so that everyone on the bus who understood German in the end knew all his faults.

First it was his treatment of his sister which she didn’t like and she told him that his older brother had treated him much nicer. Then she pitied his mother for having the “thankless task” to bring him up. Thirdly all the passengers on the bus with some knowledge of German received the information that the boy urgently needed dental braces, as otherwise his teeth would look terribly for the rest of his life. Thus she went on and on and on from Walthamstow Central to Liverpool Street Station where they left the bus. The only thing which distracted her momentarily was that the bus had to take an alternative route and suddenly she was uncertain whether she was on the right one. I hope for the poor boy that no-one except us understood what his aunt / grandma was telling him!

So here are the photos Hermann took during the journey:

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Laura @AboutLondon said...

Oh my, I know that journey very well as I live in Walthamstow! I didn't realise you were in my neighbourhood; I would have got some to clean it a bit if I had known. ;-)