Monday, April 30, 2012

Our London Visit Day 4 Part 1 – The Geffrye Museum

Dark clouds were hanging over London on that morning and it was rather cold, so it was an ideal day for visiting a museum. The Geffrye is one of the less well-known museums in London, even though I don’t understand why. Maybe because it is not close enough to the “tourist areas”.

It was not far from the place we stayed, however. We took the Northern Line to the Old Street Station and a bus from there. The bus driver was very friendly and showed us the way from the bus stop to the museum, though we didn’t even ask for it – that’s London :) From the bus stop we had to walk a little, but not much, to get there.

Despite the cold weather there was a family having a picnic on the lawn in the front yard, much to our astonishment.

The museum itself can best be “described” in pictures and so we were glad that it was allowed to take photos inside.

As you can see, it is very much worth visiting – and don’t miss the shop where you can buy lots of books on home and gardening, gifts, cards, souvenirs, etc. ;)

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