Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our London Visit Day 2 - Excursion to Bath

For people who want to visit Britain and travel by train there are several rail passes which one can book in advance. As we knew we wanted to go to Bath we bought the London Plus Pass (just like the Travelcards for London) online from the Visit Britain Shop in Germany where it is much cheaper than in Britain.

We took the train from Paddington Station. It was a very modern train, it even had a screen in front of each seat where you were able to watch films for an additional fee. For free you were able to follow the way of the train on a map which was very interesting. We also enjoyed looking at the beautiful landscape we passed by.

As we had set off rather late in the morning (guess why – because of my health issues again!) we arrived in Bath around lunch time. It was rather chilly and I suppose because of the humid climate I began to feel weak. Nevertheless I was determined to visit at least the Jane Austen Centre, so while I was looking for the shortest way through the rather crowded town, Hermann took many photos which I’m grateful for as I didn’t see much myself.

Finally we arrived at the Centre, and got a friendly welcome from the Greeter. We took a photo of me in front of it and then went inside. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit the exhibition or the tea room, so we only had a short look into the shop (my smile on the photo is half fake, I felt like death) and then returned to the station again. The annoying thing was that soon after the train had left Bath, I began to feel better again :/ Anyway, God willing we will be able to travel there again next year and to enjoy it more then.

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