Monday, March 12, 2012

Free To Live by Guy Brandon - A Review

This book with the subtitle “Expressing the love of Christ in an age of debt” is about sustainable living (not only) for Christians. The topics are time and money, the impacts of our private sexual behaviour on society and our personal environment – and, yes, there are impacts -, the complexities of “fair” and “local” shopping, how we treat our natural environment, what to do with our money and how to keep our spiritual health. There are two appendices, one about how the current financial crisis started and the other one about the pros and cons of “Fairtrade”.

The book is not a classic guidebook which tells the reader what to do and what to avoid, but rather food for thought. This is why at the end of each chapter there are a few “discussion questions” which the reader can also discuss with him- or herself, of course ;) Even though the author’s statements are based on the Bible and he thus mentions several Bible passages, most of the book is worth reading for people with a different – or no – faith background as well. After all, living a sustainable lifestyle is something worth thinking about for everyone. There are a few passages in the book, particularly towards the end of it, which non-Christians or nominal Christians will most likely not identify with, but this is not something which should prevent you from reading the book. If these passages do not apply to you, at least they will help you to understand something of true Christian faith - which is most likely not the kind of “Christianity” which you usually come across in any country with a nominal Christian majority.

The book has been published by the Jubilee Centre, a Christian organisation in the UK. They are also offering many resources for free download on their website, addressing society issues from a Christian perspective.

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