Monday, May 2, 2011

40 Years Later

As I had mentioned before Hermann and I traveled to South Tyrol over Easter. For me it was a journey to my past as I had been there with my family for several vacations about 40 years ago. Hermann and I now stayed in the same village in the same hotel. Of course many things have changed, the village has grown much bigger and the hotel had been modernized. Not everything had changed completely, though, as you can see below :)

The place where I’m sitting on the photo was the one where my grandfather used to sit surrounded by the family during breakfast when he was a guest in the hotel; this table had always been reserved for him. The former breakfast room is now an adjoining room of the inn.

This is little me on my 5th birthday in 1971 sitting on the outside of the bay where my grandfather used to sit inside.

The same place 40 years later. Everything is looking more beautiful now, of course, but I was a little sad that the old letter box was gone which had been a relict from the times when the house used to be a coaching inn long ago.

Helene, the young woman on this photo of 1971, was the hotel keepers’ daughter; she and her younger brother were like friends for my brother and me when we were there.

Helene is now herself the hotel keeper and she was the one who modernized the hotel very beautifully; she has placed lots of flowers and decoration everywhere which makes the place cozy; the photo shows the two of us in the lovely new breakfast room which is designed like a winter garden.

I think it does not happen very often that the favourite places of one’s childhood are still attractive when one has grown up, especially after such a long absence. This was the case here, however. I have changed and the place has changed as well, but we are still fitting together ;) As Hermann liked it very much, too, we are planning to travel there soon again, maybe next year.


Simone said...

Schöööön! :-)

Wendy said...

Wow! I wish I could travel to Italy (it is in Italy, isn't it?) for a short trip!

Barbara said...

@Wendy - It is officially Italy, but ethnically and culturally South Tyrol belongs to the German-Austrian part of Europe. Except for the signs in Italian you wouldn't think you are in Italy at all. So if you want to go to Italy this area is probably not the right place ;)

Mila said...

Ciao Barbara!So cute that pretty baby ;))!
Maria Trens? It's a small world...
lots of beautiful memories :)!
I love Sud Tirol (Alto Adige for us in Italy, but you already know).
I live in Tuscany in front of the Tirreno sea but in another life, I was born in Vipiteno :)!
Thanks for sharing!
Mila :)

Barbara said...

@Mila - So when you are living in Tuscany now you swapped one beautiful place for another ;) Didn't know you were from Vipiteno / Sterzing; talking about this town, however, the world is small indeed. We visited an elderly lady in Sterzing who I had met online in a minpin forum, and during our visit it turned out that she had been a school teacher to two of Helene's brothers. Funny coincidence :)

Julie said...

What a lovely place! I bet it was awesome to visit it again!

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