Sunday, May 2, 2010


I’m in a state of frustration these days.

Firstly, because the decision whether our house will be sold soon or whether we will have to take up a loan is dragging on and on at the moment. The potential buyer is waiting for a quotation by the heating contractor and what his bank will say on the quoted price or something like that. Hopefully we will know more before next weekend.

Secondly, because the weather has suddenly decided that it is autumn, so we are having rather low temperatures and lots of rain. According to the forecast it will remain like this at least until Friday. We had switched our heater off already, but now it is on again and I only hope that we do not have to buy any more oil!

Thirdly, because I’m not feeling well and wonder whether it is gastritis or just the weather – could be the weather, as I’m reacting extremely sensitive to it, but until either I or the weather get(s) any better I cannot tell.


Darylynn said...

Hi Barbara! Selling/buying a house is usually stressful and full of headaches. Hope things get worked out quickly! (((Hugz)))

Julie said...

Hope things get finalized with the house, and soon! ... And I hope you're feeling better really soon too.

It's been cold and wet here too. *sigh* ... I am SO READY for summer!