Sunday, February 7, 2010

Movie Evenings

The carnival season is in full swing now and therefore Hermann has to spend many evenings at the various events for the newspaper he is working for. This means that I’m alone at home all those evenings which gives me the opportunity to watch movies that Hermann wouldn’t want to watch – like the Jane Austen adaptations, for example. In his opinion, nothing ever happens in those movies *lol*

Yesterday I watched “Pride and Prejudice”, the famous BBC adaptation of 1995 with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. It is so beautifully made – just right for a romantic evening on one’s own ;)


Lori Madison said...

Hi Barbara,

I am a huge fan of PBS, our public station, and they are always showing Jane Austen adaptations. The one that made me cry was one about Jane Austen's life entitled "Ms. Austen's regrets." Have you seen that one? Just to let you know, if you are an Austen fan, you might enjoy Jane Austen mysteries by Stephanie Barron.
Blessings, Lori

Elizabeth said...

Hello Barbara, your blog looks so warm & welcoming. Glad you enjoy your evening alone, have a great day!

Julie said...

I haven't seen that version, but I love the one I have. :)

Dru said...

Hi Barbara,
Love the new blog theme. I loved that movie Pride & Prejudice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are suppose to be in the near 80 degrees Sunday. Crazy, crazy weather.
Hugs, Dru