Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow and Visitors

Meanwhile we have got even more snow and everything looks lovely outside – I like it when the snow covers all the dark winter colours!

Yesterday we were visited by two families who are both interested in buying our house. Things are looking good at the moment and we hope to be able to move to our new place within the next six months.


Lori Madison said...

Hi Barbara,

I love snow as well. Here, is soooo cold but no snow. That is awesome news about your place.

Blessings to you!

Kia said...

Very cold here (-10°C) and the snow is gone, leaving ice on the roads. Enjoy your white winter! :)

Julie said...

Good to hear that the house selling is going well!

Darylynn said...

Hi Barbara! We once went to Yosemite in winter and it was all brown. Went to bed and woke up to a winter wonderland. It was magical. Freshly fallen snow is so beautiful! Happy 2010! Hope you will be in your new home soon! (((Hugz)))