Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Visitors

Yesterday there were two more families looking around our house. Quite honestly, I hope we do not have to go through this procedure too often before the house is sold. I was exhausted afterwards. Not that I was involved a lot, but the mere presence of so many strangers in my home is rather stressful for me.


Julie said...

Oh! I know what you mean! ... When we sold ours, I was always so uncomfortable sitting there while the realtor took strangers on a tour of our house!!! I was glad when it was over. *lol*

Annette said...

I know that feeling, Barbara, it can be hard to have people looking at your home with critical eyes, I still remember how it felt.
But I hope everything goes well for you.
Have a good week and hopefully a little sunshine too;)

Darylynn said...

Hi Barbara! Well, the good news is that your house is drawing lookers... just hope they are not lookie-lous as we call nosy people who just want to snoop around. ;) (((Hugz)))

Bente said...

I know what you mean. I felt just the same, when we were trying to sell our old appartment, back in 2006.

I hope that someone soon wants to buy your house, so that you will be able to move to you new place.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Hugs from Bente