Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays Over

So here am I again - hopefully more often in 2010! This is not a resolution, as I never keep resolutions ;) We spent the holidays with the family at my father’s house and we had a lot of fun. Anyway, now we are back in the daily routine, even though it is still a little calmer than usual. The Christmas holidays at the schools are lasting one more week and even though we don’t have children we feel it, too.

We are enjoying cold and sunny winter days at the moment, just the way it should be :) I only wished that Hermann would not have to drive so much in this weather, especially on those winding roads along the Danube Valley. He is a careful driver himself, but unfortunately there are people who think they can drive fast on icy streets and by this put others into danger.

As always at the beginning of a new year I’m very curious what lies ahead of me in the coming twelve months!


Julie said...

I always hate it when Joe has to go driving on icy/snowy roads... Though we don't get them too often around here (and that makes people not really know how to drive on them!)

Wendy said...

I hated driving on the icy roads when we lived in northern Japan. Every day I had to take our son to the kindy bus in the morning before the road clearers had come or the ice melted - frequently got home a jittery mess.

Lori said...

Hi Barbara!! It has been a rough winter already. We have been out of school all week also.
I hope it si a great year for you!! Happy New Year!! ((BIG HUGS))!!