Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Successful Day!

Even though I’m rather tired I just wanted to write a little update.

At first we showed to the expert the apartment we wanted to buy. He took a close look at everything from the loft to the cellar. We had only hoped that he did not find too many faults with the condition of the house, but it was just the contrary! He showed us many things which had been renewed in the house since it had been built and which we as “ordinary people” had not seen. So afterwards we went to the town hall right away to talk with the people responsible for this to secure the apartment for us :)

Then we talked about the sale of our present house. The expert set an amount which we already had expected, so no unpleasant surprises here either :) With our share of this amount we would be able to buy the apartment and still have some money left for renovations.

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Julie said...

Great news!!! Hope the house sells quickly!!!!