Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Flies!

It has been already one week since I posted here – I can hardly believe it! Where did time go? However, it is still summer here, even though officially it’s autumn, so I have an excuse ;)

It is certainly not Twitter which keeps me from blogging, even though it is very interesting, especially to follow some tweets of organizations, etc. It is very different from Facebook where I usually only accept people as “friends” who I know at least from somewhere else in the virtual world. Also I found many people there who I knew from the past and some who I thought about often and wondered what had become of them. On Twitter I did not find many people I know, but there it is not important. I use it primarily to get information and as it takes only minutes to read through all this and “filter” the interesting tweets it is very convenient and takes much less time than I had thought.


Julie said...

I like twitter myself... I just block anyone who follows me that I don't know, especially if they are "risky". *lol*

Kia said...

Hiya, time flies, you are righ. I still can't believe that Christmas is in less than 3 months! Happy day! Hugs!