Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunny Days

Summer does not seem to give up yet - the past days were sunny and according to the weather forecast there are more to come :) The temperatures are a little lower, though, which I prefer - I don't like it very hot. However, autumn / fall is behind the corner, as one can see on the trees - the leaves are getting brown or red (which is a beautiful sight) and start falling off. Also during the night it gets quite cold.

In about 3.5 months it is Christmas already - can you imagine *s*


Julie said...

I love the summer!... It's so wet here, that we really don't get to see many fall colors... Of course, we have so many evergreens, that may be why we don't get much fall color. *lol*

Connie said...

Hi Barbara: It's nice here, too. Have a lovely day. HUGS

Kia said...

Ciao Barbara. Summer didn't arrive here, so, even if Fall is my fave season, I'd love a bit of sun and warm weather ;) Happy weekend!