Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day in September

Tomorrow starts the last quarter of this year - really don’t know where time went!

My next “duty” will be to prepare our garden for winter, but as long as it is still warm and sunny here (which I appreciate, of course) I don’t think it is good to cut down the plants.

The ticks are also still active, I was bitten by one last weekend – don’t know how this happened, I really take care that they don't crawl on me! Anyway, I tried to remove it myself as I have done several times with Yaris, but the tick’s head still stuck inside. So on Monday I had to see a doctor to have it removed – and this resulted in a little surgery, because it was so deep inside. Now I have got a band-aid on my right hip and have to check whether a large red spot will appear, because that would be a sign for borreliosis. Then I would have to see the doctor again to get antibiotics. Luckily just by the beginning of September I had received the last shot of my TBE vaccination, so I should at least be protected against that nasty illness.


Julie said...

I didn't know that ticks burrowed into your skin like that! *shudder* ... We don't have them around here, at least I don't think we do!

Hope it doesn't get infected!

Darylynn said...

Hi Barbara! Your new little budgies are adorable! I love birds but with 3 cats, not a good idea for our house! ;) Funny your have tweet and twitter posts! ;) Is borreliosis like lime diseas? That's prevalent in ticks on the east coast but not on the west coast where we live. (((Hugz)))

Bente said...

I am sorry that you were bitten by a tick. I don't like these ugly and bad bugs.
I hope that you don't get any infection.
I wish you a happy weekend.
Hugs from Bente

Connie said...

Hi Barbara: Oh, ticks are nasty little things. I have deer here, so you will find ticks here, too. I too wait until it's cold before tackling the garden. Have a great day. HUGS