Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blood Test

For me this is one of the worst parts of a medical check-up, because my veins are so difficult to be located. After they have found one they can take blood from they have to be very careful and it is always a rather long and painful procedure for me. Well, it’s done for now and I hope that at least for the following two years until the next general check-up nobody wants my blood!


Julie said...

I hate having my blood drawn too. I have small veins as well, and it always takes them many pokes to find a vein that works. *sigh*

~Pam~ said...

Hi Barbara,
Oh so sorry you have so much trouble getting blood drawn. I usually don't have too much trouble myself.
Take care. ~hugs~

Kia said...

Same problems with my veins :( yuck! Have a happy weekend with your hubby! :)