Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Bye, Lenin!

Hermann and I are currently watching the movie “Good Bye, Lenin!” which is comedy and tragedy at the same time. Here is the description from Amazon:

The movie starts in East Germany before the fall of communism; our hero, Alex (Daniel Bruhl), describes how his mother (Katrin Sass), a true believer in the communist cause, has a heart attack when she sees him being clubbed by police at a protest. She falls into a coma for eight months--during which the Berlin Wall comes down. When she awakens, her fragile health must avoid any shocks, so Alex creates an illusive reality around his bedridden mother to convince her that communism is still alive.

The scene above shows Alex’s mother how she “escapes” from her room and gets a glimpse of reunited Germany – and obviously feels as if she was beamed to another planet!


Julie said...

That looks like a good movie... I wonder if they'd ever show it over here??? Now that I've seen the clip, I want to watch the rest. *lol*

Susan said...

Hi Barbara, I enjoyed my visit here. If they cut my hours at work, we will have to watch our spending. I would rather go without new clothes than lose my internet. :) Love the layout in here too. Hugs

Dru said...

Hi Barbara,
That looks like a very interesting movie. Sad though :( I too love this layout, so bright and cheery.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
Hugs, Dru