Monday, June 29, 2009

Coconuts and Bananas

I guess this is what we will have in our garden soon instead of apples and cherries if the weather continues to be that tropical ;) – and according to the forecast there is no end in sight! I wouldn’t care much about it, but meanwhile I’m feeling weak, sick and dizzy due to the weather – my blood pressure is almost gone and I always feel as if I had finished a marathon after walking the few stairs up to our apartment! One thing which makes me glad, though, is that this is not an actual illness. However, on Wednesday I will have to see a doctor for a blood test and I may not eat anything before I go there – that could be difficult with such a weather! Well, there is always hope that the forecast is wrong – wouldn’t be the first time :)


Kia said...

It seems we are the only ones with a gray and chilly weather :( Sob! Happy Monday!

Connie said...

Hi Barbara: Those pictures of your walk along the Danube are beautiful. I used to play the Danube waltz all the time on the piano. Have a gorgeous day. HUGS

Julie said...

We're finally getting some weather that actually looks like summer. Up until last week we've been gray, chilly, with some rain... But it's supposed to get into the 90s this week. :D

Dru said...

Hi Barbara,
My favorite fruit bananas and coconuts. Barbara what city do you live in?? I have alwayd been curious? Hope your blood pressure is OK that can be dangerous. Good luck with the blood tests. Hope you have a early AM appointment since you are fasting.
Hugs, dru

Dru said...

Hi, Me again I looked at your profile to see the city you live in. My family is from Germany my last name is Lowenthal :)
Hugs, Dru